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A top supplier of plant-based proteins (pea protein, soy protein, oat protein, fava bean and many more), and America's #1 supplier of Mung Bean Protein.

Serving markets such as alternative meats, beverage, snack foods, bakery and other applications. Talk to one of our experts today: HERE

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Ingredients Inc is one of America's premier commercial baking ingredients suppliers, sourcing the highest quality materials in the world and making them available to you at a moments notice.



All of the ingredients necessary for the latest advancements in pet food production, including Organic, Non-GMO and food grade ingredients for Clean label pet food.  We provide these high quality ingredients for any type of pet food projects, anywhere in the world.


As one of America's largest and most trusted wholesale protein suppliers, we bring you all the ingredients to deliver nutritional and functional benefits to your beverage formulation. 

We are also happy to offer expert technical guidance to help you optimize your formulations and give you a competitive advantage.


Ingredients Inc delivers an entire portfolio of ingredients for confectionary processing.  Our expertise can help you with Conventional, Non-GMO, Natural, or Organic.


Trusted for over 30 years as one of the top ingredient distributors in the U.S.,  we are here to service your Food Ingredient needs quickly and dependably.


From the most prominent and respected dairy farmers and providers around the world, we can deliver the dairy based items and ingredients that you need to perfect your product!



Whether you need spices sourced from across the globe, or natural ingredients from local providers... Ingredients Inc delivers the best for your formulations.  We also manufacture our own dried and dehydrated vegetables and potatoes.



For over 30 years, Ingredients Inc has been America's most trusted source for the finest raw materials available for nutraceutical, clean label and other health related products.


Ingredients Inc has the resources to help you procure a large variety of ingredients for use in your formulations.  Contact us for more information on meat industry ingredient needs. 

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