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IFT's Food Technology Magazine features Ingredients Inc Sales Manager: Paulina Widger

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

In the "IFT World" section of Food Technology Magazine, February 2019 Issue (, the Institute of Food Technology has recognized what Ingredients inc has known for years: Paulina Widger is taking the ingredients business by storm!

Each month, Food Technology Magazine features one of their volunteers from around the IFT. This month they spent time interviewing Paulina about how she came into the food industry, and her interesting career path that led her from a small town in Ecuador to the big city of Los Angeles, California. "As a little girl I

dreamed of coming to America, and just before my 18th birthday I made the official move..." Paulina says in the article, and speaking very little English at that time, she immediately jumped into action and "got started in college classes while I took my first job working in research and development in the cosmetics industry."

We know Paulina, so we are not surprised by the adventurous spirit and brave heart that helped her make a huge leap of faith at such an early age. In under a decade Paulina has moved herself up in the food industry and is now one of the top salespeople to be found anywhere in the country.

We're excited to have a corporate culture at Ingredients Inc that fits a personalities like Paulina's, and our other amazing sales partners. We recruit the best-of-the-best, and then we give them the freedom and responsibility to fly! This is what has made Ingredients Inc a natural leader in food & beverage ingredients for over 30 years now. But just watch us in the future, under the leadership of sales professionals like Paulina Widger, we are headed for the stars!

To read the feature article on Paulina, click HERE.

To reach Paulina directly, email

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