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  • Paulina Widger

Black Garlic

There has never been a time in human history when there was more interest in healthy, medicinal benefits from plants and plant-based foods. Garlic, has historically been considered one of nature's most healing and medicinal 'herbs'.

Today's formulators and product developers are in constant search of the right ingredients to bring healthy benefits to their recipes, and to offer the label items that hit home with the modern consumer.

One of the hot items that we are hearing requests for at Ingredients Inc is "Black Garlic". Black garlic is the result of garlic bulbs aged (slowly, for as much as 60 days) under strictly regulated temperatures, humidity and conditions which results in a more subtle or neutral flavor than raw garlic.

We hear from many formulators that Black Garlic is highly versatile and can be easily used in place of regular garlic in recipes and formulations.

Black Garlic is also said to possibly have added health benefits (some say up to twice the amount of antioxidants). It's a highly sought after ingredient, considered to have benefits for the heart, circulation and white blood cell activity.

But it is a difficult item to source, and as it is a specialty ingredient it is often quite expensive from most suppliers.

At Ingredients Inc, however, we provide the top quality Black Garlic you need at a price that will really help your bottom line!

Let's Talk today about this item, or any other ingredient for which you might be searching. Contact me: Paulina Widger on LinkedIn or at my email:

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