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  • Paulina Widger

Chicago IFT | Suppliers Night 2019

Can I buy you a drink?

Chicago IFT

Stop by Booth 607-611 where we'll have our own private bartender for the show. Let me set you up with one of your favorites, and we'll talk about how Ingredients Inc can help you solve your ingredients issues!

For appointment, contact me: Paulina Widger at my LinkedIn or my Email.

It's always exciting to be in Chicago, especially at one of the country's most bustling food industry expos! This year, at Ingredients Inc, we can feel the electricity in the air, and we can't wait!

Recently, we have been inundated with orders for new ingredients to fit the changing marketplace. At trade shows around the country we are finding food and beverage manufacturers, and pet food production, who are frantically working to formulate with trending ingredients that help create the clean labels that consumers are looking for.

Hot, new items like CBD are now hitting the mainstream and we have secured the most trusted and reliable source for CBD Oil and soluble powder. We can help you create the formulation that works for you!

Of course, plant based proteins like adzuki bean, mung bean, fava bean, pumpkin protein and of course pea protein are literally soaring. Meanwhile, many animal proteins are also trending very strongly: bone broth protein, chicken protein, collagen and even cricket protein!

Other trending ingredients like hyaluronic acid, black garlic and oat protein are also in high demand.

Whatever your market segment, let me and Ingredients Inc do the hard work for you. We source the greatest ingredients on earth, and put them right at your doorstep. Trusted and tested ingredients that you know you can rely on.

Paulina Widger

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