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  • Paulina Widger

CoQ10: Amazing Opportunities!

There's good news about CoQ10? Yes, there actually is!

The good news is: PRICE, and if you are a buyer in this market, you need to talk to an Ingredients Inc sales expert immediately.


If you are a manufacturer or formulator of nutraceutical products, there's no doubt you are aware of the recent price spikes in the CoQ10 market.

There seems to be a global price issue that is suddenly impacting the supply chains of many of our clients.

However, for 30+ years Ingredients Inc has always found a way to bring amazing opportunities to our customers, and CoQ10 is certainly one of our best price opportunities ever! Despite the apparent price-fixing that seems to be going on, Ingredients Inc is able to supply CoQ10 at the best price of any supplier in the ingredients industry, saving our customers tens-of-thousands, and even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on this expensive ingredient.

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