Bringing a World of Ingredients

Directly to Your Doorstep

Ingredients Inc. saves you time, effort and money by importing your specialty ingredients at a moment's notice.


We have established relationships with the strongest suppliers in the world, and can source any type of ingredient required for your project.

  • Natural Colors from Mexico

  • Non-GMO Carbohydrates from Turkey and the Philippines

  • Non-GMO Fine Chemicals from Thailand and China

  • Yeast Extracts from Estonia and Canada

  • Dehydrated Vegetables from Italy, Turkey, South America, and China

  • Dehydrated Potato, Carrots, and Blends from our own plant in Minnesota

  • Fruit Powders from Latin America, South America, USA, and China

  • Vegetable Proteins from Europe, Thailand, Philippines, and China

  • Natural Vegetable Fibers from USA, Italy and Canada;

  • Natural Fruit Fibers from USA, Italy, India, and China; Gums from India

  • Amino Acids from China 

Thousands of Ingredients from Hundreds of Countries.

Ingredients Inc. was founded in 1985 when Jim Stewart had the vision to create an ingredient company that offered specialty ingredients rather than the traditional commodities of sugar and salt.  Jim knew his technical knowledge could solve customer's problems and his sales experience in the industry would be the key to success. Jim's philosophy of finding ingredient solutions for our customers would provide growth and security for the company. When you call Ingredients Inc. you will never get a computer response transferring you from one extention to another. Instead, you will talk to one of our expericenced Customer Service representatives who will start the process to solve your problem.

Welcome aboard!


"Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need."       

- Gillian Anderson





Distribution Centers:

Boston, Chicago,

Los Angeles, Texas, Pennsylvania 

Ingredients Inc

1130 W. Lake Cook Road, Suite 320

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

United States

Phone: 847-419–9595
Fax: 847-419–9547

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