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  • Paulina Widger


Golf. Summer. Chicago.

This is starting to sound pretty darn good!

Come and meet up with the Ingredients Inc Team at the historic COG HILL GOLF CLUB in Lemont, IL (just barely an hour from downtown Chicago), for a day of beautiful August weather, and some great fun out on the links!

ingredients inc chicago golf outing

You do NOT need to be a great golfer to have a blast at this event, many of the participants are novices who are just along for the fun and friendship of the day. This is a great opportunity to spend time and network with some of the food and beverage industry's top players, and professionals form all ends of the business. So whether you are in R&D, sales, purchasing or production -- this will be a great place for you!

AUGUST 20, 2019


Join the Ingredients Inc Team for this Fun Day of Golf & Networking! Contact us anytime at:

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